"We have to go for what we think we're fully capable of, not limit ourselves by what we've been in the past." -Vivek Paul

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Again

Being home has been awesome. After collegiate nationals i was having a hard time dealing with cycling and the mental aspect of this sport. But now i have confidence and i am ready to go.
Being back in Minnesota, i could see that my old club was really excited to see me riding and to see me at home. But then again, i think i was more excited to be riding with them.
Change is good. Change is what i needed. I needed something to look forward to. I need to have races to chase after, sprint nights to dominate, and groups that aren't all about riding into the mountains.
But riding here is awesome. I'm a sprinter. I do the flat fast things that i love. Criteriums. I can race on the track. I can do what i love. I can ride with people who have my dreams written into every one of their pedal strokes.
I love it here.
Not only is the Nature Valley Grand Prix in Minnesota, but some of the best racing. Every weekend, or weekday there is something to be done within hours of my home. I can go on a tuesday or saturday morning and do over 60 miles of hard riding. Sprints, long and steady, whatever you like. you can find it here. It's awesome.
I did not realize how amazing the summer's in Alexandria were, but now i know. This was the change i needed to gain confidence. To live somewhere that felt like home. To live somewhere i need to be. This is great. Keeping the peace. Keeping my body healthy. Keeping myself sane.
I'll be at superweek in a few days, and I'm excited. The first week is going to take some time, but within the next week, i am going to be rocking. And for the first time in a long time i am very excited about getting out there. It's going to be awesome.
I hope it goes well.

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