"We have to go for what we think we're fully capable of, not limit ourselves by what we've been in the past." -Vivek Paul

Friday, August 6, 2010

Coffee Shops, Movie Lists, and Red Meat

Well, this week I've been off the bike for 5 days. Lounging in bed, hanging out at coffee shops, and eating red meat. That's the best way that i can explain what I've been doing. It's been great! And incredibly painful at the same time.
When bike racing is all you do, not being able to ride is an awful feeling. Resting is one of those things that a lot of cyclists don't do to incredibly well. But i was in desperate need of one.

This week it's been rain storm after rain storm that have come into colorado springs. One day i described it as "The heaven's have dumped Lake Michigan on Colorado Springs". Haha. And it was true! My street was flooded within 3 minutes of this storm, but as it always does in Colorado, the warm dry air evaporated it immediately. Unlike the midwest, the rain here is cold. Very cold. It will drop from 85 to 60 in a matter of seconds, and when that happens, it's time to go inside. 

Last night i ventured over to the velodrome to watch the racing. And it was a great night. It was the Madison Cup, which i will be participating in at Elite Nationals. If you aren't sure what the madison is, you should youtube it. There are two people, forming a team, with a bunch of others on the velodrome at the same time, and each time a team member comes by the other, they slingshot each other in. Its very exciting. That was a horrible explanation, but if you watch a video on it, you will know what i am talking about :D

So, i will be enjoying my last day of hulu, movie watching, red meat eating, and lounging about, and return to proper training tomorrow morning. I'm excited to get back on my bike, which is a good change. Collegiate and Elite Nationals are my next big focus, and I'm very excited about that. Its going to be a great year, but first, lets get through this rest week. 

And by the way, this has become one of my favorites over the course of this week:


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