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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Colorado State Track Championship and Elite National Qualifier

Well, today was very interesting. It was the second day of the championships at COS velodrome, and it was a much better day than the day previous to it.

Day 1 was, well, not so good. I placed 4th in the match sprints and 3rd in the points race, but not good enough to qualify for elite nationals. I was really disappointed. I've come back to elevation, tired beyond belief, but just because I'm tired, i should still ride fast, right? No. Wasn't happening.
After multiple "pep-talks", and a days rest, i came back for the second day of racing.

So, day 2: Team Pursuit champion (w/Vera and Greta), team sprint champion (w/Vera), and keirin champion, of course, with a little help from my friends.

State Team Pursuit Champions
Photo Credit to Vera Divenyi

I'm really excited to be going to elite track nationals this year. It's going to be a lot of fun. I can't wait to experience the track and the whole feeling of an elite track national championship. My eyes have been opened a lot this summer.

Keirin Podium
Photo Credit to Vera Divenyi
Points Podium
Photo Credit to Vera Divenyi
Vera and I at the end of day 2 with the days collection of medals, and happy we are qualified for elites!
Photo Credit to Vera Divenyi
I feel blessed to have some of the greatest coaches, Rick Crawford and Mark Tyson, and all the help they give me. And the whole CVA staff, especially the Tyson family, helping me with everything from finding a place to live, to figuring out what i am actually trying to do on a daily basis, haha.
Moving to CSprings this summer was a great decision and i would never take it back. I've met the greatest people, made some life-long friends, and been given the opportunity to realize how precious life is.

And now, i have some time off the bike, a much needed rest after fixed gear, dairyland, and superweek, and then qualifiers. My summer has been jam-packed with racing, and I'm ready for some "me" time. (my bed, hulu, and some chocolate milk). 

Elite Track Nationals are September 29th-October 1st, at the ADT velodrome. But before then, I'll be moving back to Durango, starting school, training with the Fort Lewis College track team, and traveling to Collegiate Track Nationals in Indianapolis, IN.

Like my blog says, "Go on with a spirit that fears nothing". 

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