"We have to go for what we think we're fully capable of, not limit ourselves by what we've been in the past." -Vivek Paul

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lots of Lovely Things.

Last night was fun! It was my first Thursday night in a really long time. So long that I had lost my number, and forgot what time the races actually started. 
But today, i wanted to give a shout out to my sponsors, and people who have really supported me over the past few years. 

The USWCDP has been a great support since i started school at fort lewis college. The USWCDP supports female athletes in achieving their goals to the fullest potential in any way that they have the means possible. Michael Engleman is a great motivator, as the director of the program, and i am so glad to be part of it. USWCDP also has a diary on Cyclingnews that i write into every once in a while. This is the latest post that i have done on the fixed gear classic (http://www.cyclingnews.com/blogs/us-womens-development-program/fixed-gear-fever) and there will another one soon! 

Most recently, TwinSix. Coming out with our awesome cyclocross skinsuits! I am very excited. Their clothing and cycling gear is incredible. I love all of it. Someday I will have a closet full of their stuff! Check them out at (www.twinsix.com) 

Kilt, made by Northland Woolens of Nelson, MN
Also, Northland Woolens, just made me a changing kilt! And it is awesome! I went to them when i was home for a few days in Alexandria, MN, and asked them if they could make one, and they came through making a more beautiful kilt than i was expecting! 

I've always had great support from Fort Lewis College as well. With the Tom Danielson Cycling Scholarship, I am able to attend college, get my degree, and race my bike, without any worries of financial trouble. I love Fort Lewis, and the community of Durango, and i am forever grateful for all the support they have given me. And right now, I am getting a team specialized Amira frame, to replace my broken Giant road bike. Specialized is a sponsor of our cycling team at the college, and i absolutely love their bikes! Very excited to be riding one. 

Training at the Velodrom, and wearing my TwinSix Gear!
Photo Credit: Vera Divenyi
This summer, i have had some incredible help from the Colorado Velodrome Association and Mark Tyson and his family. From finding a place to live, to racing, to training...you name it, they have helped me. Someday i will repay them, but for now, as a college student, all i can be is forever grateful for what they have done for me. It is my hopes of going as far as i am allowed on the track, and i will never forget where i started. 
Mark Tyson and I, Collegiate Track Nationals 2008
Also, the place where i first started: The Bike and Fitness Company, of Alexandria Minnesota. From the moment i got my first bike, they have helped me in any way that they can, including helping me with my first track bike, which i absolutely love! Whenever i am in need of anything, they are there with open minds and try to help me in any way possible. 
There are so many people who i could thank individually, like my coach Rick Crawford, of Colorado Premier Training, and my parents, Bill and Michelle Erickson, and of course my wonderful little brother, Michael Erickson. Without their support, none of this would be possible. 
Riding in San Diego with my mom

My little brother and I skiing in Durango, CO
When i was 15, racing with my dad! 

Life is good! But on this day of rest, i felt it necessary to give thanks to all the people who have been there in my life. Through everything, the highs and the lows. I truely thank you for everything! 

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