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Saturday, August 21, 2010

CyclingNews and a visit to Durango

Well, there's another CyclingNews USWCDP diary up. You can view it here:


AND..I ventured to Durango yesterday.
I moved into my dorm a little bit. And yes, these are photos of my new dorm room. The Animas Hall at FLC is a new built building that is completely enviornmentally friendly. It's wonderful! I love everything about it. I will have 3 other roommates, whom i will meet on the first day of school, because i will be getting in late for orientation. But the dorm is more like a little condo type thing, with everything but an oven/stove. Each person has their own individual room and we have a large common area, which is facing the La Plata mountains, and will be absolutely gorgeous. I am actually excited to get completely moved in, see my roommates freak out when i keep bringing bikes into the place, and meet some new people! 

So, there's the place. It's quite cool! I like it. Well, after that, i ventured to Mountain Bike Specialists, which is a sponsor of the FLC cycling team, and i picked up my new bike! After my Giant, from the USWCDP (U.S. Women's Cycling Development Program), cracked at Superweek, i was in need of a new bike, and FLC supported me with a 2011 Specialized Amira Expert frame. I'm really excited to get it built up and get riding! 
And, while in Durango, I've been working really hard at training and eating and doing everything i can and being totally devoted to cycling, so we decided to make brownies. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be this much fun, but we made it really fun. Mostly playing with flour. I had fun. Maybe not everyone thought it was as great as i did, but i didn't care. 

So, ill be in Colorado Springs for a week, do the final move out of my apartment, and then it's back to Durango for school! And speaking of Durango, make sure you check out the progress on the Dryside Velodrome. Just like the "donate" button on my blog, (which if you feel so inclined...) there is also one on the blog for our velodrome. This is a non-profit organization, and all the money will be used to support the velodrome and it's construction, and in the future, development programs and such. 

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