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Monday, October 4, 2010

Elite Nationals-

Collegiate Track Nationals [check]
Elite Track Nationals          [check]

Back to the real world, as some would say. Last night i spent my sleeping hours in the far side of the A terminal in the Denver airport. Backpack on my back, and my tt helmet under my head, curled in a ball on the floor. If there is anyone who is familiar with this part of the A terminal, you would agree that its a bit chilly. After flying in around 11:30pm, i woke up around 3 freezing, got up, moved towards the main part of the terminal, and fell asleep for another 2 hours. At that point, people started arriving, and it was game on from there.
It's amazing how different airports look when they are empty. It's almost haunting. i can't imagine what abandoned ones look like. But i must say, i was very happy with how friendly and frequent the security guards were. Definitely helped me sleep a little better.

So, how did the rest of Elites end up? Well, apart from throwing up saturday morning, failing on my 200m, and being ready to go home, it was fun. Maddie Godby and I the team sprint on Sunday. Maddie is one of the most talented young girls i have ever ridden with, and i feel honored to be part of a team with her. She is so incredibly fast, and she's only 18 years old. She's got a huge future ahead of her, and I'm excited to see where she goes in the next few years. I had a really strange starter for the team sprint. Maddie was in the gate, which i am very glad for, because if i was, it would have been a complete knightmare. I false started on the first run. I wasn't expecting the extra bump or "push" i got from the holder, which made things a little more interesting. But on the second run, after almost getting dropped by 2 people on the start, we were off and running. Maddie took off with incredible speed, like usual, and i, with every once of fast twitch muscle i had, tried to keep up with her and keep the momentum going. We ended up 6th overall, which i know she was disappointed with, but hey, we did what we could, as fast as we could, and the only thing we can do is come back next year and prove that we are faster and better, stronger, and more dedicated.

Photo by Pat Benson

Photo by Pat Benson

Photo by Pat Benson
Next up for the day was the Women's Madison. I still wasn't feeling well, but after much deliberation, i decided to go along with it and give it a go. Megan Hottman (DFT/Treads) was my partner. We had practiced some at Colorado Springs in the middle of September, just to get ready for Nationals. I feel slightly proud to have been part of the first USA women's madison national championship. This was the first year this event has been run for the women as a national championship, which is awesome. It was scary at times, I made some mistakes, which i take full blame for, but we kept the race safe as possible. I was never in a position where i was in serious danger, which i am happy for.  A little less than half way through the race, Megan was on relief riding the rail and slipped out through the corner, crashing down the bank, right in front of the pack. Prior to this, i was really starting to get hang of the race! I was digging it! But because of this, our team was left down to me, and after talking with some officials they decided that it would be best just to sit it out. Which was ok with me. Our team wasn't in the top 5 at the time anywho, and i was just doing it for fun. Madison is by far one of the coolest races on the track. It's confusing, dangerous, and would probably have my mother on the edge of her seat, completely terrified, and completely and underly sick to her stomach. And I'm pretty sure my dad and bro would dig it.

After the races, Cari Higgins was so gracious as to drop me off at the airport, but first we managed to load her car up to the brim with all our bags, bike box, and whatever shenanigans we decided to bring along with us, hit up chipotle, and indulge after the racing. Cari is one of my greatest heros. She rocked it. She's got enough national championship jerseys to clothe an entire high school football team. And she deserves it. So happy for all her achievements. Such a sweetheart, and i owe her.

So, about 40 minutes until my flight leaves, I have 8% battery power let in my computer, and I'm almost home. The flight back to Durango is 45 minutes, the drive to the college is about 30, and then it's saying "hello" once again to the dorm mates, and then it's....CYCLOCROSS SEASON!

I'm sure the 'mates will be happy when i bring, yet another, bike into the picture. 

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