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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elite Track Nationals-Racing Day 1

Alright. I've been here in LA since Monday,  and it's been awesome. I flew into LAX Monday morning, equally about 8 hours of travel time, and was picked up by the Godby family. Maddie and her mom have taken me under their wing this whole week and I am forever thankful for it. They are my... "non-related family"...so to speak. With my road bike already waiting for me in the big COS traveling RV, and my track bike in the back of the car, we departed off to the velodrome, where i got my first taste of a "real" track. 250m wood. And it is, indeed, beautiful. We dropped off the track bike, grabbed the road bike, and headed off to Grandma's house.

Once inside, i think i slept...maybe 2 hours? Let's just say, i was tired. Really, really tired. Coming fresh off collegiate nationals, i was...tired! I think, as a total on Monday, i got about 14 hours of sleep. It was spectacular.

3 weeks on the road.

Maddie and I ventured out for a ride along the beach. The house we are staying at is 12 blocks from the ocean, and it's absolutely beautiful. I love the smell of the water. And i forget how many crazy people live in LA. Characters for sure.

The next few days we went to the track and got used to the wood, steep banking, and how things work around there. It's different from COS and Indy!

Scratch Race:
haha. SKETCH! One of the most dangerous races i have ever been in. Absolutely crazy. But it was a great experience, and I'm glad i did it. I don't see myself as an "endurance" track racer anymore, and not that a scratch race is an endurance race, but it was a great race, and definitely helped me work on my bike skills!
Maddie and I before leaving for the beach! 

3rd 1st round, meaning i was in the rep, which i was 2nd in, meaning i went to round 2, where i was last, which meant that i went to the 7-12th final, where i finished 2nd, putting me in 8th place!
Wow, yeah. That's what happened! I love the keirin. Absolutely love it.

So, next on tab for the weekend are the match sprints tomorrow, and then the madison and team sprint on Sunday. Maddie and I will be doing the team sprint together, and I will be doing the Madison with Megan Hottman.

So, it's off to bed now. It's late. My stomach is full, and ready for a flying 200m tomorrow, and hopefully qualifying for some match sprinting! AFter a 2nd place in the sprints at collegiate nationals, I'm hoping to gain some more experience here at Elites.

Sleep well world!

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