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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making the Transition

Photo Credit: Cody Stephenson
Alright, well, I'm back in school, not being a fool.
More like, making the transition back to the cross bike. Track season is over, the bike is up and sitting on a box. Still in pieces, but for the most part, still intact. Our team (Fort Lewis College) cross bikes came in today, and i was able to grab mine, get it built up, and now, waiting for someone to help me with the cables and housing. I've been mountain biking and running, yeah, I've been r u n n i n g. So out of character. BUT. It's cyclocross. I am so excited for cyclocross this year. I love it! So much fun. 
Our cycling team manager puts on a cyclocross series in the fall, which is what i will be racing in. After elites, i was hoping to have some cash left over for boulder cross, possibly the usgp of fort collins, and jingle cross, but as it is now, i have ordered some new shoes, because my feet shrunk, or my shoes just stretched out. So, in place of doing some extended traveling this fall, ill be chilling in dtown until nationals.
But, I've got some new mountain and road shoes on the way, and i have a long list of things for sale throughout gear trade and ebay. So go buy something!

And I'm also really excited to go home for thanksgiving! That's right, I'm flying home.
 It will be nice to see my family, and see what all has changed in the great town of Alexandria, MN while i have  been gone. It has been a really long time since I've seen my family. I bet my little bro isn't so "little" anymore, since he wasn't that small when i left anyways.

So, not much is going on here, just the usual, going to school. I should be sleeping right now, so that's what I'm going to do. Mtn bike ride with the team in the morning. Can't wait for my new shoes! New shoes are more important than going to some out of town cross races at this moment. Proper fitting shoes are essential!

So, off i go. I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow/today/whatever it may be for you.


Photo Credit: Sarah Sturm

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